There are many printing companies that offer fulfillment services, and if you are planning a large-scale fulfillment of your books to Amazon buyers and others worldwide, I would recommend connecting with Accutrack, Brightstar, or another excellent fulfillment service. Companies like these offer a wide range of services for authors and other retailers. However, these services generally come with steep set-up fees and monthly storage fees costing hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars, in addition to shipping and handling costs.

At ShopBooksDirect, we offer print fulfillment for our member authors at the same per-piece handling rate as others, without the costly start-up fees or steep monthly inventory rates. However, our services are limited to fulfilling orders placed on ShopBooksDirect, along with authors contacting us directly for personal order fulfillment.

The fees for fulfillment of print books with ShopBooksDirect are as follows:

Start-up cost – $0

You are welcome to mail/deliver books to our location yourself, or if you prefer, we can order books at low author rates for you (we will need all print files to facilitate an order, with a minimum order of 50 books).

Monthly storage/inventory – $10 per month for your first title/$5 per month for each additional title. (Most fulfillment companies charge from $150 and up for storage)

Shipping – the cost of shipping supplies (cardboard mailers/boxes) plus the cost of media mail (generally between $4-$6)(this is the standard price for all fulfillment companies).

Handling – $1.50 handling charge per order, plus $0.50 per item (this is the standard price for all fulfillment companies).

If you are interested in our print fulfillment services, please CLICK HERE to fill out an information sheet.

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