Discover the simplicity and flexibility of selling your print books directly to readers through Shop Books Direct. Here’s how you can cater to your audience’s preferences with a variety of fulfillment options:

1. 🏠 Personal Fulfillment: Enjoy the personal touch of packaging and shipping your books directly from the comfort of your home. Utilize your existing inventory to fulfill orders promptly, creating a unique and intimate connection with your readers. Every book becomes a personalized gift, directly from the author to the reader.

2. 📦 Fulfillment Company: Streamline your fulfillment process by partnering with a professional fulfillment company. From warehousing to shipping, these experts handle the logistics, allowing you to focus on what you do best – writing. Your readers receive professionally packaged books efficiently, enhancing their overall experience.

At, we provide fulfillment and shipping services to our authors. Visit our printing information page for details on rates, often more competitive than other fulfillment options. While we don’t have an in-house printing facility, we can arrange printing with our partner for a minimum order of 50 books. Authors can also drop off their books at our offices for fulfillment.

3. 📘 Print-on-Demand with LuLu or BookVault: Embrace the convenience of print-on-demand with trusted partners like LuLu or BookVault. No need for large upfront investments or worries about inventory management. Your books are printed and shipped to readers as orders come in, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for both you and your audience.

4. 🛒 Retail Purchase Fulfillment: Offer a unique and personalized touch by purchasing your books at retail and having them delivered directly to your buyer. This method allows you to support local bookstores or retailers while ensuring your readers receive brand-new copies of your work.


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