Here’s how you can seamlessly sell your digital books through our platform:

1.  Direct Downloads: Experience the simplicity of direct sales with our hassle-free direct download feature. Once readers make a purchase, they gain instant access to your literary masterpiece. No intermediaries, no delays – just a straightforward connection between your creation and its audience.

2.  Seamless Integration with BookFunnel: Amplify your reach and enhance the reader experience by integrating your Shop Books Direct account with BookFunnel. With this dynamic duo, you can effortlessly distribute your books, manage advanced reader copies, and engage with your audience through customizable download pages. It’s the perfect synergy for authors who crave both efficiency and reader satisfaction.

3.  Personal Touch: Emailing Attachments Manually: Add a personal touch to your sales process by manually emailing attachments to your readers after a purchase. Tailor your communication, express your gratitude, and provide that extra level of connection that sets you apart. It’s not just a transaction; it’s the beginning of a literary relationship.


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