Embark on an immersive audiobook-selling experience with Shop Books Direct, where we prioritize the seamless delivery of your digital masterpieces. Here’s how we make selling audiobooks a breeze:

1.¬† BookFunnel Integration: At Shop Books Direct, we’ve teamed up with BookFunnel, a trusted platform for delivering digital content, to ensure a smooth audiobook delivery process. Like magic, BookFunnel effortlessly handles the distribution and support aspects of your audiobook sales, providing a hassle-free experience for both you and your listeners.

2.  Leveraging Audiobook Distributors: Explore additional avenues for selling audiobooks by tapping into your existing audiobook distributors, such as FindawayVoices. Check if they offer direct-to-listener methods or distribution coupons. If coupon codes are at your disposal, you can take control of the sales process by personally emailing codes and instructions to your buyers once their purchase is complete.

3.  Personalized Communication: Enhance the direct-to-listener experience by communicating with your audience personally. When utilizing coupon codes from your distributor, leverage this opportunity to send tailored emails containing the code and clear instructions, establishing a deeper connection with your audiobook enthusiasts.

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