Print Fulfillment at ShopBooksDirect

There are many printing companies that offer fulfillment services, and if you are planning a large-scale fulfillment of your books to Amazon buyers and others worldwide, I would recommend connecting with Accutrack, Brightstar, or another excellent fulfillment service. Companies like these offer a wide range of services for authors and other retailers. However, these services […]

Can I sell audiobooks at ShopBooksDirect too?

Embark on an immersive audiobook-selling experience with Shop Books Direct, where we prioritize the seamless delivery of your digital masterpieces. Here’s how we make selling audiobooks a breeze: 1.  BookFunnel Integration: At Shop Books Direct, we’ve teamed up with BookFunnel, a trusted platform for delivering digital content, to ensure a smooth audiobook delivery process. Like […]

Isn’t selling print books online difficult?

Discover the simplicity and flexibility of selling your print books directly to readers through Shop Books Direct. Here’s how you can cater to your audience’s preferences with a variety of fulfillment options: 1. 🏠 Personal Fulfillment: Enjoy the personal touch of packaging and shipping your books directly from the comfort of your home. Utilize your […]

How Can I Sell Digital Products Direct?

Here’s how you can seamlessly sell your digital books through our platform: 1.  Direct Downloads: Experience the simplicity of direct sales with our hassle-free direct download feature. Once readers make a purchase, they gain instant access to your literary masterpiece. No intermediaries, no delays – just a straightforward connection between your creation and its audience. […]

What are the benefits to selling books directly to my readers?

Unlock an array of benefits by selling your books directly to readers: Maximize Your Earnings: Experience a substantial increase in your revenue as you earn a higher percentage on each sale. Unlike traditional platforms, direct sales mean more money in your pocket for every copy sold. Own Your Customer Data: Take charge of your authorship […]